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“I'm certain that I experienced something close to an awakening experience on the last day using the biofeedback mode. As a student of emergent phenomena, a spiritual practitioner, a researcher, and a human being this is the most fascinating and promising technology I've ever come across.”

Terra Tucker

“The Slow Wave was amazing.  For me it was like a massage with meditation. The waves sent me straight into a meditative state. The calm and focus I feel is amazing & it was only 10 minutes.”

Brannon Weidemann, MD

"Slow Wave affords anaccelerated pathway to hyper-relaxation. It provides a decadent experience of quiet, weightlessness, and peaceful contentment that is not achievable through meditation alone, followed by an endorphin high that lasts for hours after the journey. A groundbreaking innovation, Slow Wave is a powerful game changer in our future understanding in addressing stress-related physical and mental conditions."

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